The inovating fortune-telling technique

Dear Sir or Madame,
I am Sakamoto of “Wasendo”. I am sorry if you mind my unexpected E-Mail. “Wasendo” is the association(school) that presses forward “fortune-telling, consultation and good luck making” inJapan. We had started systematization and diffusion of “new technique of fortune-telling and good luck making” 2 years ago. Today, we are looking forward to communicate with publishers, many kinds of companies, associations, aiming to diffuse the innovating technique inSingapore. We introduce and propose the technique for you.
Concerning the technique, please refer to the attached PDF file.
Present days in Japan, especially in the field of fortune-telling and good luck making, the boom never ends and flood of every kinds of technique, incredible dumbing down of fortune-tellers and in addition, dumbing down of moral of customers occurs. The situation is like this. Is it consultation? Is it fortune-telling? Is it apparitions? Is it psychology? Is it Qigong? Both fortune-tellers and customers never know. It is chaos.
Then, what is “the real”? What is “the essence”?
Firstly, we had tried to raise a question about the ideal approach for fortunetellers by improving their skills and cultivating top fortune-tellers. Secondly, we had aimed that it causes for customers to get more knowledge, clearer idea, and better understanding.
However, as we go on, we came to think that we want to produce the technique to not only those who are going to be fortunetellers, but also those who wish to utilize it in social life and daily life. The technique is so profound that anyone can learn it and use it freely, in infinitum. To tell you the truth, when you think about the technique itself, the concept, and the philosophy as a whole, you will notice that it is very simple, historical and traditional. But, in the chaos in Japan where the word “tradition” and “school” are ignored, it varies how they categorize the technique for the first time i.e. “same as others?”, “epigone?” or “innovation?”
In the case that we categorize method and technique of fortune-telling according to Ying and Yan, “Yin-method” and “Yan-method” appears. “Yin-method” (stillness) is on the side of analysis, theory, guess, past and previous life. InJapan, this approach is mainstream. On the other side, “Yan-method” (movement *please refer to the attached documents) has been something genuine for more than 1,000 years. So fortune-telling cannot be something more valuable than fortune-telling. Businesslike thinking might influence the situation. The situation makes us to look around the world and diffuse the technique and the concept made inJapanall over the world not only inJapan. Then we are interested in especiallySingaporein theSouth East Asia. We know we might be impolite because we are totally stranger for you, but we are confident that our technique and method will spread to other countries fromSingaporejust like a hub airport. We believe that the technique is of high quality and magnificent. The technique will contribute to “world peace” and ”human evolution.”
Please read the attached documents and we are happy if you get interested in them. We welcome any information and proposition from you.
To tell you the truth, we are looking forward to a regular feature on magazines, publication and partnership with companies inSingapore.
We express sincere thanks to everyone who has read our letter.
Yours Sincerely,
Kei Sakamoto
Association Wasendo
Representative Kei Sakamoto
Address 414-10 Otsuotsu,KochiCity,Kochi Prefecture,Japan
(Zip code 781-5103)
E-Mail wasendou@gmail.com
MUSO is the technique that our school created about 100 years ago and had studied hard. It traces its roots to personology(physiognomy). The personology is called ”Mai-Soho” and it is famous. They say that a pupil of “Mr. Mai the hermit” recorded about 1,000 years ago in China. “Mai-Soho” is the foundation of personology and it is said that it is the beginning and the end at the same time.
However, now, the essential point of “Mai-Soho”, which tells us that giving an expert opinion by the inner man is very important is discounted. On the contrary, the point of view of “Ying-method” which puts emphasis on form and analysis has been diffused. Not only “Mai-Soho” but also other type of personology followed the trend and “Ying-method” became a mainstream. We had been very impressed by “Mai-Soho” from the past to feel something profound by its wording and everything. It is the reason why we had continued to study, read and explain it as “Yang-method” following “Mr. Mai the hermit’s” idea that something great, the inner man and the Yang are the same.
Then, it flourishes as MUSO, the technique which we would like to diffuse all over the world.
Firstly, we will explain about the principle of MUSO. In MUSO, we use Indo, a term in physiognomy. Indo is the area between the eyebrows. Indo is one of the most important areas which all physiognomists know and they see there to know good and bad omens of all kinds of action, one’s luck itself, health and so on. Maybe you know the information above. But we found the way of utilization, in other words, unknown potential ability of this famous Indo.
As we say from the beginning, “Ying-method” has been a mainstream of personology in the long history of human being. “Ying-method” is “stillness” and “Yang-method” which we feature is “movement.”
In simple terms, “Ying-method” means that they judge someone’s character by one’s face and they explain it by only visible sign already.
“Yang-method” is “movement” and means change and creation …. Yes, we believe “the life is wonder!”
Concerning Indo, we found its ultimate function with the “movement” idea, not the “stillness” idea. That is …..
“When you ask a question, accurate answer comes.”
Indo is more than something given and divine.
We will explain about it from next page, but shortly in this paragraph. You can get an answer on every kind of “prospects” and “actual conditions”, from incidents on daily or social life, big theme to the universe. The answer is like this – “Yes” or “50-50” or “No”
When you raise a question from the bottom of your heart with nothing in your mind, Indo gives you an answer. It looks like ”light” and at the same time “cloud.” The hint is clearly described in “Mai-Soho” documents. In a word, if you see light on Indo, it means “Yes” and if not, “No.”
“The life of everyone can be judged by light and cloud.”
This is the secret of “Mai-Soho” and the principle of MUSO.
Above, we explain the movement(question) method that you judge by observing Indo directly. But we would like to put emphasis on the method that interpretation of light and cloud will be rich. We had created it by elaborate study for several decades and made it advanced. We call it “meditation method.”
Creation and development of the meditation method
The meditation method is the way that you observe something like light and cloud on physiognomy or Indo before, for example, sprouting seeds reach the ground. It is like observing circumstances of the roots. It means that observing light and cloud before they reach the skin is better strategy. Using meditation, light and cloud can change freely and express an infinite of patterns in response to your question. So you can interpret light and cloud to vivid words connected to real life and real society. You can exceed “good or bad”(yes or no).
Now you can interpret light and cloud to a variety of daily language.
It means that you can do fortune-telling, choose a rich future and have knowledge on life if you learn only MUSO.
Then, there is an important point that you might have a doubt on. Where the answer comes from?
Our position is that MUSO, very modern technique, has its origin from “Mai-Soho.” That is everything. We would like to avoid the situation that MUSO is mixed up with other genre, it is given a twist and new word on MUSO is created.
We tell everything with an authoritative.
MUSO’s “concept” is totally different from other ability or technique.
MUSO is far more “valuable” than those.
It cannot help but you think so if you learn about MUSO more and more.
If you need the answer, We just say that the answer of MUSO comes from “tian” or “universe.” We would like to avoid even “tian” because MUSO is so casual that it will be well diffused and used as ordinary ability. We imagine the future of MUSO like this.
Then, we explain more concrete mechanism of MUSO.
The innovating fortune-telling technique
“definition and mechanism of MUSO”
★ The innovation point of MUSO ★
l You can judge the life by “light”
l You can judge “immediately useful things” in a daily life.
l You can “ask a question” to tian or universe again and again.
l New concept and method that you can judge the future with “volume of light” especially when the question is complex.
l You never forget it once you mastered it just like “swimming.”
l You can judge the variety of life planning “one by one and at once.”
l Anyone can master it and “common view” is the key.
l Light is infinite. Light is ever-changing. The motto is freedom and each parson’s personality.
l Light is a common language of human being. “Nuance of light” can be interpreted to every meaning.
★ Image figure of MUSO ★
Meditation method of MUSO(for example, ABC Pattern)
We start explanation about ABC Pattern. You close your eyes and split the black screen into 3. You term A, B and C to each screen. Then, you set up that A is “Yes” or “affair” or ”proper name” and B is “50-50” or “affair” or ”proper name” and C is “No” or “affair” or ”proper name.” ABC Pattern is comparison. You judge which screen is lighter or has more volume of light. Although it is simple, it is very useful. You can question anything and a variety of patterns of question is possible.
① Relax your whole body.
② Say “your question” in your mind.
(For example, “what is the weather inSingaporetomorrow?”)
③ A fine B cloudy C rainy
④ Close your eyes lightly and concentrate on Indo —- The screen looks like the image below.

In this case, you had better judge C “rainy.” But the image above is only one example. Behavior of light and cloud is beyond number and a lot of patterns appear.
It has been more than 1 year since we started to disclose the technique of “MUSO.” Only few people know the technique. The philosophy of it is so profound that some people confuse it with SF. As they say, something that has profound background looks valueless. MUSO is also the same. We think that it will be a common ability of human being and world standard in this new era of 21st century. In both past and present, a lot of books was published and many seminars were held on similar jenre all over the world, but when we compare the essence of “MUSO” with others, we feel that it is once for all different from others, much more qualified. We say this because of firstly the experience and realization of it and the theory itself. The more we know about MUSO, the more
we feel so. So,as a first big step, we are looking forward to get connected with mass media, publishers and companies who wish to cooperate with us. Everyone gets happiness in the future steadily in one’s own by using “MUSO.” — This is our big dream and vision.
*We have plenty of manuals of MUSO, texts, columns and literatures of Mai-Soho. But, they are Japanese. Because it is impossible for us to translate all of them into English, we propose that we answer your questions by E-Mail and so on when necessary. Thank you so much.




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